Why have an account?

There are many benefits to having an account on GivePulse:

  • When you anticipate on registering to future events, you don't need to input your first, last and email again.
  • You can navigate back to the registration to update or add new individuals to the event seamlessly
  • The registration and service hours (if you volunteered) are tracked so you can see how you are giving back to the community.
  • You can communicate with other individuals active in the community
  • If you happen to purchase tickets, items or made a donation inside the system, you can login access all information to what was purchased or donated.

If you a group administrator added you into the system, you can always claim your account. In the case you happen to miss the email welcoming you to the system, you can always reset your password by navigating to https://www.givepulse.com/site/reset_password

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