Confirmation for registration

When a team lead, a friend or a co-worker registers you, in many instances you are not officially registered until you confirm your registration. The primary reasons why you are placed in this "unconfirmed" status is because: 

  • The admin requires you to agree to their liability waivers
  • The admin requires you to review and fill out custom fields or questions which the friend or individual who registered you didn't fill out

If the above does not apply to you for the specific event you are registering to, and someone decides to register you to the event, you should be automatically confirmed to attend the event. 

All other instances, the following are a few ways to confirm your registration: 

  • An email notification is sent to your email for you to immediately accept or deny the confirmation. You will be redirected to another page to complete any additional questions.
  • You can login or navigate to the event url and you will notice the following (pressing confirmation needed will prompt and display the fields required for you to completing registration:

The main reasons why confirmation is needed is b/c the administrator of the event would like for you to accept the liability waiver and to also potentially fill out additional questions required of you before you are able to attend in person. 

Note: We automatically resend the confirmation email to unconfirmed registrants 1,2,3,7 and 14 days after it's created (as long as the event is still in the future and the registrant is still unconfirmed).

Outside of the notifications that go out automatically from GivePulse, you can ask the individual to login and visit the event details page. When logged in they will see the above button "confirmation needed". 

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