Add Administrators (adding more managers or admins)

Note: To add additional administrators, you have to tier up to a formal subscription with GivePulse. Otherwise, only one administrator can oversee the Group Account. 

If you want to add or replace yourself with another individual, you can do the following: 

  • Make sure to navigate to your Group Dashboard, and in the admin end, click on "Users" -> Create User. This will present the following inputs for the new admin to be added. If you have a subscription, you can add additional admin(s) but if you don't you would see the following message when selecting "primary administrator". What this means is that the person you add will replace you and you will automatically lose administrative capabilities from the group. 


And the following is an example of an alert you will see: 


  • Note: We've seen many organizations that put a "general" info or volunteer email in replace of a specific person. Although we think this helps in short term when it comes to staff changes or general email support, we believe this will be harder down the road when it comes to building relationships and identity with your community (i.e., people want to relate to a face or an individual vs. a general email). Also, we will be encouraging unique profiles vs. a general email.

This is a good example: 


For subscribers, you can do the above by adding additional administrators in the Users Management page. Also note, since this is your database, you can also navigate to "manage users", find specific individuals you want to mark as an admin by using the "actions" column as shown below (assuming they exist, if they don't you will need to "create them" in the "create user" workflow as shown in the image above).



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