List of individual registrants in a shift

If you want to print/produce or export a document listing individuals for a certain shift in an event or a general event; you can navigate to the specific event in question, click into "Manage Registrations" and you will be prompted a few columns listing data related to each registration. You have the opportunity to "filter or sort" the data in each of the columns available. For example if there is a Shift name you want to filter by, input the text for the shift, in addition, if you want to filter by all the individuals "registered" vs. cancelled, you can then refine the results and navigate to "actions" and export the data. 



Note: This can also be accomplish if you are a group administrator looking at all events. i.e., you can navigate to "Manage Registrations" for the group and do the same thing as you would for the specific event, the only difference being it's for all shifts and registrations hosted in your group. 

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