Add or Create Affiliates

Affiliates are partnerships including nonprofits (501c(3)), businesses, and groups of all types that have programs and initiatives to address social issues impacting our community. 

If you want to find one to add or create one, you can do so if you have a GivePulse group you manage, click on "Network" -> Manage Affiliations -> Actions -> Create Affiliation. 



When you go into "Create" affiliate, you will find there are a few options. You can search for the group, hide groups that currently are outside of your network and location, or you can "add" your own. 



To add your own, you'll need to click on "Can't find them?" and you will be directed to the following screen: (press the Create button)



You'll then be dropped into a workflow to complete the process to input the details of the group you want to affiliate and create at the same time. 

For further questions about affiliations, affiliating, creating affiliates, please reach out to



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