Recurring Events (ongoing vs. open) set up

Experiences that happen every day or is ongoing can be set up in a few different ways. The fastest way is setting it as an "Open Opportunity" without a start or end date. The drawback here is that it will not be promoted or elevated in the search rankings because it is vague in details for a potential volunteer.

What is recommend is instead defining the ongoing experience as a "Recurring Event" as shown below (to get here do note you'll need to login as an Admin of your group and click on "Events -> Create Event"): 

As shown above, there are a few options in defining the recurring event. Notice also after selection of a "Recurring Event" you can decide to include shifts too (so if you wanted to add shifts to the recurring event, you'll need to select "has shifts"). Note: if you decide to add shifts, this is assuming you have an ongoing experience that happens e.g., every Monday and Wednesday and inside the Monday and Wednesday recurrence, there are potentially more than one shift on different times. If this is the case, you will be setting up your shifts in the next screen. 

Right now, you'll need to set up the recurrences first: 

Depending if you decide to have the recurrence happen Daily, Weekly or Monthly, you'll select the options that best fits your experience. 

Daily: Ultimately it means you want this to happen every day. Note: There is a setting that allows you to map it "every" 1 or "every" other (1) day or every other 2 days etc., 

Weekly: It means you want this to happen every week, and if there are specific days of the week you can have it "repeat on" Monday or Wednesday.  Note: There is a setting that allows you to map it "every" week or "every" other (1) week or every other 2 weeks etc., 

Monthly: It means you want this to happen every month, and if there is a specific day of the month you can have it repeat monthly.  Note: There is a setting that allows you to map it to the date of the month or the day of the week. 

With all the settings above, you can then define it to end after a certain date or a specific number of recurrences. Note: there is a cap for the number of recurrences you can generate in one sitting to enable organizers to come back to the system and update details in the case things change. 

Once the above is finalized and you input the description and other details of the event, you can press Save & Continue. This will then drop you into the workflow as shown below. Note: If you activated "Shifts" onto the recurrence, there will be a message informing you to add shifts as shown below: 

Clicking the Shifts section will display the following: 

As shown above, you will then have a way of importing the shifts or add a new shift. From the example above, if you have a recurring MW event with two shifts, you'll then need to click on "Add New Shift" and create 2 shifts with the different times.

Once these shifts are created, you'll then have shifts that recur for the recurrences you set up at the beginning. 

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