Scheduling, Community Work Study

There are many of instances where individuals need to inform you when and where they are planning on doing their work study, their volunteering or their engagement in advance. During this timeframe, you would either have them fill out a form, confirm and agree to their schedule and let them do their work. GivePulse surveys and Timeslots allows this to happen in one single platform. 




Below is an example of timeframes (timeslots) where individuals are "scheduling" themselves to inform you they will be attending. As an administrator, you have full abilities to run reports on their schedules, if the timeframes they are working are approved by the partner verifier. 




As an admin, depending on your situation and how best you want to organize the schedules of an individual or many people: 

  • Create a timeslot for each individual worker to manage their anticipated schedules (to allow you to have one single place to run reports on when they are working)
  • Create a master timeslot where a group of individuals are adding them to the schedule (to allow one place to run reports on all of the individuals working)


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