Event - Impact Settings

Do note: there are many group related settings for impacts. There are also settings to apply globally on your platform how you want to collect and enforce for all impacts. 

Below, we'll describe some of the impact settings available for events: 


Shared Impacts: This allows impacts made for an event to be autoshared to a community partner who would like to have a copy of the information for grant and reporting purposes. 

Early Impacts: This allows individuals to track impacts or their engagement outside of the proposed times available for the event. e.g., if the event is 3 days from now, but the individual ended up volunteering or doing work before the actual event start day, allow early impacts enables the individual to track that before the event is over. 

Prefill Impact Hours: This allows the total duration of the time (be it the start and end time of the event, the shift start or end time, etc.,) to be automatically calculated in the system so that the user would not need to input the total hours, and instead the hours are auto-filled for the user to just agree and submit to. Note: When the event is a multi-day event and open opportunity. 

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