Create a group

A group is a way to organize memberships, events, and impacts in one location.
If you create a group, you are automatically the admin of that group. If you want to hand over your admin rights, you may do so through the "Manage Users" admin page. 
If you don’t have an account but want to create a group, create both an account and group here in a few easy steps:
If you already have an account, go here to create a group:
Helpful tips:
Description: Make your description succinct and inviting. Use this platform to inform others of what your group is all about so they will want to join your group!

Photos: Attach attractive photos that are representative of the interests your group is dedicated to. Pique potential members' curiosity so they want to be involved with your group!
You can edit group settings after you have created your group. For more information about group settings, go here: Group Settings

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