Manage Events - Unpublished Events, draft mode

When creating events, the admin has the ability to create all types of events. In some instances these events can be published or placed in unpublished status (draft mode). It's also quite possible to have events be placed "unpublished" status so you can further refine or update the details of the event at a later time before having people register to the event. 

Note: To find all events you oversee, you can navigate to Manage Events page. This can be found by navigating to "Events -> Manage Events". You'll then be able to see a tabular formatted view of all the events and columns of information about the event. To edit what columns exist, you can "configure layout" and decide to display certain variables of the events. 

As shown below, you can configure the layout, select "Published" and determine what event in the list of all your events are Published (Yes) status. 



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