iOS, iPhone/iPad Mobile app

The GivePulse iOS app was designed and developed to cater to both the Volunteer and the Admin. The app is supported to work on the iPad and iPhone. Note, we currently have 2 apps, one for both volunteers and admins, and another one called GivePulse SignIn (meant for only admins). 

Note on downloading on iPad: You have to search for the iPhone version in the iTunes store and the iPhone version will expand 2x (or depending on the size of your screen size). 

Below are a few of the benefits to using the iOS app. 

Volunteer, Member, Participant, Registrant

  • Review profile
  • Discover and find events
  • Register or cancel registration of events
  • Review what events are registered
  • Share events through email
  • Contact the planner or admin
  • Add impact (service hours & reflection) to any group or event 

Admin, Planner, Organizer, Coordinator

  • Review managed events
  • Add people to the event with their name and email
  • Clock people in and out of an event or group 
  • Sign-In people for an event
  • Clock Volunteers In/Out
  • See their t-shirt size (certain registration info)

To download the iOS app for both volunteers and admins:

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