Custom Fields and How they can be used

Custom Fields allow you to create and customize fields that we don't have by default* for you to choose from. Many groups and institutions leverage custom fields for assessment purposes. The best examples are questions or very specific fields or attributes you hope to collect on your users, impacts or surveys before or after an experience. 

The below are a few main areas where custom fields can play important roles: 

Membership Application: Creating custom fields for membership applications here will allow you to ask questions or request additional information about them upon agreeing to their application.

Pre and Post: Creating custom fields here will allow you to ask basic questions to help you assess if they can attend the event (or just for your own interest) to see how their responses are different after attending the event.

Shifts: When you have an event with many shifts, and there are specific shifts where you would like to collect further information, you can add custom fields for the shifts. 

Group Join Applications: Whether it be a community partner, or an existing department, group, program or club who wants to join your network or portal to establish an "affiliation", a "partnership" or a "membership", you may request specific fields for them to fill out as an application before accepting them.

Surveys: You can stitch together a survey or form with custom fields so that you can have people fill this out for your own data collection.

Impacts: You can request specific fields upon users input when they are informing you of their impact. e.g., instead of just tracking service hours, what quantifiable or qualitative information do you want to collect? 

Note: Custom fields can be used to collect quantitative and qualitative data. 


*What fields are available out of the box? 

The following fields are by default available for you to use: 

Built-In Fields

Field                                                             Type

Address composite
Allergies textarea
Birthdate date
Emergency Contact Info composite
Food Preference text
Gender dropdown
Insurance composite
Legal Name text
Medication textarea
Note textarea
Number of minors? dropdown
Parent Guardian composite
Phone Number text
Physician composite
SSN# text
T-Shirt Size dropdown
Veteran checkbox



User Records: 

The below shows an example of how the custom fields are tied to the user records. This will help in terms of centralizing surveys, custom fields, responses etc., in one central place. 




Custom Field Database:

This will help in terms of doing data analysis of the responses. You can navigate to oversee this by going to the navigation and selecting on "Resources" -> "Custom Fields". 


When the fields you want are created or found, you may stitch them into area you want the fields to be requested:


Note: When dragging and dropping a field into the canvas, a "new custom field" is created. In order to view "saved" or "existing" fields, go to "Add Existing Saved Fields", a library of all custom fields created in the system. In the case you need to delete or update the fields from this library, navigate to your "Resources" -> "Custom Fields" section and determine what fields to archive, update or review. 

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