External Links Decrease Search Rank and Exposure

GivePulse is designed to promote and bring extra visibility to events with little to no external links. 

We also strongly advise you not to include external links in any of the fields that bypass registration (e.g., the description or requirements) of your events.

If you have another registration system, please respect our workflow and the users that decide to help you.

Adding another layer of difficulty will confuse users and drive down the conversion for volunteers to signup and help you out. 

In addition, our content review team will flag your page or remove the page entirely.

GivePulse provides all the abilities to...
- Manage registrations for events of all kinds (festivals, races, runs etc.,).
- Ask questions before and after the event
- We offer abilities to create shifts, recurring events, timeslots, calendaring abilities
- Built on top of this, we have a notification and communication layer that will auto remind people and allow you to message them effectively.

For any questions or comments please contact [email protected] if you need advice to merge events or handle registration.

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