Replying back to the sender's message in GivePulse may differ depending on the tier you have.

By default, all receivers of the message may:

  1. Immediately "Respond" by pressing the link in the notification to login to GivePulse and respond back
  2. Or reply back without logging in and not modifying the reply-to email (there would be a notification key that GivePulse appends onto, and GivePulse will automatically determine how to route the message to the individual who sent the message.

For advanced tiers that include whitelabeling:

Responding will go directly to the sender's email. e.g., if you respond back to an email from an administrator with a whitelabel group, instead of going through GivePulse's inbox, the messaging will occur between you and the sender's email.

As an admin, you may set this up in the "Group Settings" by going to the whitelabel section and adding the below Reply To email address and email name. 


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