Manage Memberships, Application Management

Membership management allows your group to be set up so potential members can request to join, apply or pay for membership. 

To set up membership requirements, you need to be an Admin and edit your membership settings by going to "Customize -> Users".


In the settings, there is a "Membership Requirements" setting section allowing you to turn on a few requirements. 

Membership Fees: In the case you would like your members to pay for membership, there is a section all "membership fees" that will allow you to have potential members pay for membership. Below you'll see a way to "charge a fee" and if enabled you can add the different levels of membership. You can also set it up in a way the user pays the additional fees associated with the membership fee or be set up in a way an invoice is sent for the individual to pay via a separate process. 

Membership Approval: Turning this on will require the admin to approve memberships one by one in the Membership Requirements section.

Require Email: Turning this on will require all users to have a specific verified email address with the specific domain. e.g., if you were a business or a school, and you only wanted members that have your or email, this would make this the requirement.

Once the above is done, you may customize your membership application form by select a number of custom fields (e.g., tshirt size, address, phone etc.,) or even create new ones (e.g., what do you know about food handling? why do you want to volunteer with us? Upload your driving certificate? etc.,). 

When there are many potential members requesting to join your membership, you will be notified. In addition, you may also go to "Membership Requests" below to access all those waiting in approval. On this page you will be able to approve, decline, or message the individual. 

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