Scheduling - Timeslots (calendar + shifts)

There are many instances where you may have an ongoing task enabling only approved members to self-determine their own schedule based on predetermined office hours. The below are two common scenarios:

  • e.g., I'm one of a few tutors, and I have office hours from 12-4pm every Mon and Tues. Other tutors have their own timeframes. But there needs to be a way where the define tutor times must be visible for those who want to be tutored to register and signup to the available shifts. 
  • e.g., If I am a volunteer for the Animal Center, and they are open from 8am to 10pm, and they need dog walkers, I can use Timeslots to determine a time I would like to volunteer within the 8am-10pm duration.

To create a Timeslot event, you may go to "Create Event" and on the dropdown displaying the different choices, choose "Timeslot". 

Go through the options to determine the type of Timeslot you will need: 

  • Single Day: An interactive calendar for one day
  • Multiday: An interactive calendar for many days
  • Open Opportunity: An interactive calendar without any limitation and never ends (ongoing)

Once you select the right duration, you can activate "shifts" to let you define them on the calendar or to empower "shift managers" to create the shifts and oversee them. 

The most important to setting up the Timeslot is the "Timeslot Settings" section as shown below:


Note: You are able to add custom fields to every self-determined registration on the Timeslot. e.g., if you want an individual to register and fill out additional fields like "what would you prefer to do during their time?", this will help provide more data for you assess down the road. This can be set in the "Registration" section.

If you were to decide to change the times for each day, you can go to the timeslot settings and customize the durations for each day as shown below: 

You'll also notice when you apply "Shifts" with the timeslots, in the "settings" section there is a feature which you can enable to have the impacts going to the organizer overseeing the shift, the person registering, or both. 


When TimeSlots is set with "shifts", the Admin or the shift organizer assigned to this timeslot can then go to the interactive calendar and select the timeframes they would like to "add" shifts and a popup modal will be displayed as shown below: 

Note: Admins of the event and "shift organizer" (those assigned via the 'Manage People' page where roles can be assigned)

Once shifts are added by the organizers, individuals who navigate to the timeslot event will need to "register" to the available shifts on the calendar. 

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