Group Registration (managing group volunteers, large groups and tracking their activity)

Group registration to an event can be done in the following ways:

  1. Individuals signing up on behalf of the group: letting members register individually - 
    • If you decide to empower individual members to register themselves, upon registration there is an option for them to register on behalf of your group. If this is done, the admin of the group they registered with will get a notification informing them about the registration.
  2. Reservations by Event or Group Admin: Having the admin reserve a certain number of spots for a group, and the group leader and anyone in their group may claim the registration and spots - 
    • In the case, the admin wants to reserve a set amount of spots (spaces) for a group, they may do so through "reservations". For more information you may go to reservations.
    • When you make a reservation, you should reserve the spots for the leader to have the option to fill out. Ideally the leader should fill out all of the emails for the individuals attending so the liability forms and other information will requested for all who plan to attend, and then it will be better for you to for data collection and liability reasons down the road. In addition, if everyone is in the system, you can then just mark who attended and the registration data will help generate the impacts to tally up how many hours was given by this group.
  3. Team Lead to sign up everyone: For a group lead to coordinate and gather a list of individuals who want to be registered by uploading a list into the system - 
    • If you decide you want group leaders (the main contact) to register on behalf of their group, the admin will have to turn this feature on (similar to the setting for group registrations and reservations).  

Note: When event admins turn on group registration, built in to its workflow. e.g., as shown below you'll notice a few options: 

  • Add From Group
    • Allows admins of existing groups to add members into an event. 
  • Upload CSV
    • Allows admins to bulk upload a basic csv of people who want to be registered to the event. 
  • Clear
    • Ability to clear out all inputs on the current screen.

Note: In the case there are custom fields requested for all registrants to fill out, including liability waivers, all registrants added by another individual into the system are placed into a "pending status" and are not confirmed until they "claim" their reservation. 

Note 2: In the case you are in an event with shifts, there is a step for editing or selecting specific dates or shifts.

Note 3: If you decide to do group registration by Uploading a CSV, you will need to download a CSV template to import a list of all your members that want you to register them. Originally the csv was the below: 


Now the csv is simplified to:

As mentioned above, the basic information provided in the csv will allow the system to contact the individual so they may complete and fill out further requirements (e.g., liability waivers and custom fields requested by the admin).

As the admin or team lead who is registering the whole group into the event, you have the opportunity of managing the group attendee list by navigating to the event and "updating registration".


Capturing data - 

There are many coordinators overseeing large groups and they need a simple way to track the engagement of these large groups. If it's just to track hours, the group admin can create a GivePulse group, and within the group they are now administering, you can navigate to "Impacts -> Create Group Impact" and give those hours to your Group. For more information on "group impact" go here: Group Impact

Note: All this can be automated if you used the mentioned Group Reg/Reservations ability or individual users registered them vs you needing to keep track of this data separately.  

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