Event Clock-In/Out

Event Clock-In/Out determines the exact time a volunteer comes in and out of an event. This feature will help coordinate the process to clock in and clock out individuals so that an accurate time is represented in regards to their attendance duration. Note (within the iOS and Android downloadable mobile app), you would need to use the "group" clock in/out abilities. 

To Clock-In/Out individuals, you must have the following roles: 

  • Admin
  • Event Manager
  • Sign-In Attendant

On the Web (via desktop or mobile): 

  • Under Manage Registrations, you can "configure the layout" and display the "Quick Sign in" button.
  • When in an event, inside the Admin Panel, there is a link for "Sign Registrants In" process 

The below is what you can do when adding "Quick Sign In": 


The below is "Signing Registrants In": 

On Mobile (iOS): You may download our app on iTunes. With the app open, you may navigate to an event you would like to "Clock-In/Out" individuals. You will notice a "Gear" button, tapping on this button will let you have a selection of "actions", the specific one you should select is "Clock-In/Out."

Note: When an individual "Clock's In," the time is ticking by, and in the instance the individual forgets to "Clock-Out," there is a Group Level settings that auto clocks people out. This setting can be found in the "Edit Group Settings" -> "Impacts" -> "Auto Checkout Limit."

For Clock-In/Out: 



For Sign-In: 


Note: We just recently released an updated administrative app solely focused on enabling administrators to "Sign In" people and activate a kiosk mode where "Clock In/Out" of volunteers can be set up.


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