Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement Platform enables people to come together for causes, events, and opportunities you have pre-filtered.

In other words, if you have a specific mission aligned towards a few different causes of interest, you may filter and create a portal to drive traffic and people to those pages. 


  • A city, municipality, or department may want to create a portal to encourage citizens to volunteer and increase existing capacity
  • A business may want to create a portal to enable employees to engage and volunteer together and help their community

The following are specific GivePulse features that support this:

  • Repository of events and opportunities (or a way for community partners, nonprofits and causes to list, manage and coordinate volunteers)
  • Event management platform to create additional events and opportunities that are private or public
  • Enable groups to be organized in a hierarchy clubs, cities, counties, subgroups and departments
  • Curation process for the events and opportunities
  • Output Tracking (e.g., service hours, pounds of food, # of trees planted, and tied to specific events and opportunities that planners, coordinators and representatives are able to "vouch" and "verify" hours and attendance). 
  • The Collective Impact (outcomes)
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