Volunteer Time Off (VTO)

If your business has a Volunteer Time Off Policy where employees need to request approval, we have a system that enables this to be organized through TimeSlots

The following are important stakeholders to ensure a successful VTO policy: 

  • Admin(s): Individual(s) or a committee that sets up and oversees the company profile and account. They will be responsible for importing employees, community partners and determining the managers with abilities to approve employee volunteer requests to take off.
  • Manager(s): Individual(s) that will get a notification to accept yes or no on an employees request to volunteer.
  • Employee(s): Individual(s) that will go to the calendar, select a timeframe or dragging a timeframe and filling out information to inform the manager of when and where they will be spending their volunteer time off.

By default, every business created in GivePulse has a draft VTO policy created to help enable you to capture the requests in a dynamic calendar. In order to activate it, you will need to "publish" it.

Before publishing, it's important to define who the managers are so they may approve or deny the Volunteer Time Off requests.

In order to edit or include managers, you will need to go to "Resources", then into "Custom Fields", select the field "Manager" and type in managers you want to add in.

Note: Your company profile must have members. If there are managers you want to add in, they must first have an account and be a member of your company group.


When published, the calendar, as shown below requests information to enable the manager to approve or deny the request.


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