Surveys, Forms, Assessment and Rubric Templates

Just like Custom Fields, you are able to create a form filled with custom fields for users to fill out and submit as responses. Having this ability will help your group, club, association, institution or company to easily make assessments, collect, review and centralize all data tracking. 

Generating a survey is similar to appending the fields to the events, membership requirements. The only difference is that instead of "registering" to event or applying to join a group, you are filling out a survey. 

There are three areas about Surveys that will be important for you to manage and oversee: 

Templates (Manage Surveys)

In the case you wanted to create a survey template to be used over and over again for multiple purposes, you may walk through and design the template with it's basic name and description and then select from a library of the custom fields that exist or ones you need to create. 

If you are curious what we are doing in our Labs Factory: We have specific survey rubrics we have applied with our templates to enable you to use out of the box. 


In the case you want to request a specific group of people in your network, your class, your program or even the individuals registered to the event, you may submit multiple requests for them to respond back to a survey template you created, you may do this there. 


If you wanted a repository to review all the responses from the surveys and their requests you have created and collected data on, this is the area to review the responses.


When creating the survey, the below is an example area for you to drag and drop survey field types to generate your form: 


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