Scheduling, Adding Shifts and more

When creating an event, you are able to have one-time episodic volunteer events, multi-day, recurring, random dates, and ongoing events. Each play a role in helping you set up all the permutations of events you may have.

In the instance you have an event that requires you to have shifts in any of the above permutations, you are able to set them up by selecting "Has Shifts." 


Upon saving the event, you will notice the following page which needs to be set up. To add new shifts, you may "add new shift" one at a time or import an excel of shifts. If you need the excel template, you may click on "import shifts" and on the page there is a link for you to download a template to use.

Upon adding shift(s) you will be able to publish your event. 

Note: If you don't see the above "Shifts" section, it's possible you might not have it set up the event with shifts. In order to activate shifts for the event, you will need to navigate to the "Dates" section as shown beloe and update to include shifts. Once this is saved you will now be able to see new "Shifts" section.

Note: The dates to the event are reset and defined by the shifts' dates and times. Therefore if you have a multi-day event that was bounded by July 4-6th, and in the shifts section you added a shift on July 1st, the multi-day event is now defined from July 1-6. In the case that it's a one day event with a shift ranging from July 10th from 6pm-2am, the dates for the event will be defined as July 10th 6pm - July 11th 2am. 




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