Event Sign-In, Offline or Online Mode

Event Sign-In will help coordinate the process to sign-in individuals to track attendance. 

To Sign-In individuals, you must have the following roles

  • Admin
  • Event Manager
  • Sign-In (aka Check-in) Attendant

On the web: By default, the Quick Sign-In button is not displayed on the "Registrations" section of the event. In order to display this, go to "Configure layout" and select "Quick Sign-In." You may not search and filter based on an individual you would like to "Sign-In." 

On Mobile (iOS): You may download our app on iTunes. With the app open, you may navigate to an event you would like to "Sign-In" individuals. You will notice a "Gear" button, tapping on this button will let you have a selection of "actions", the specific one you should select is "Sign-In."

Note: When an individual is "Sign-In"'d by an Admin, Event Manager or Sign-In Attendant, their attendance immediately gives them an "impact" which summarizes their hours.

When offline or online, via Desktop or Mobile(iOS/Android/etc.,):  there is a "Sign In" Registrants ability which will enable you to load all the registrants in before hand. This ability is exposed to all Sign In Attendants, event managers and admins. The link is on the Admin Panel -> Sign In Registrants. 

Below is more information on how to set this up. Note: You must load the Sign In Registrants link with wifi or internet access first. As long as you do it once, the Sign-in process will work with or without internet moving forward. 


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