Individual Registration: Updating, Confirming, Cancelling

In order to register to an event, you will need to press the green button: "Register". Depending if the administrator set up "guest registration", you may or may not need to login or create an account to register. 

Upon completion of logging in or creating an account, you will be redirected to complete registration. In most instances, the only field required is to agree to the liability form. In other cases, admins of the events may request additional fields for you to fill out. 

Note: If you choose to create an account, you will now have abilities to update your registration when navigating back to the event you registered with, create groups, oversee a dashboard to organize all your registrations, events etc.,

Register on behalf of: This is an optional field allowing you to register on behalf of a group you represent. The benefits to doing this are the following:

  • Bring more awareness of your group to others attending the event
  • Inform your group leader you have registered 
  • Build community between your colleagues

When you have registered to an event, you have the opportunity to update the registration or cancel it. To do this, you must navigate to the event, login and "update registration". Within the updating process, there is a process to Cancel the registration. You may also do this by going to your dashboard and selecting "My Registrations". 


There are instances where someone might have registered you, in those instances, since it's possible they registered without your knowledge, we request you to approve or deny this request. During this process the status of your registration is placed in "Unconfirmed" state. Until you approve or deny the request, you won't officially be registered. 

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