You can register and or log into GivePulse using your Facebook account. We integrate with Facebook in the following ways:

  1. Login/Register
  2. Inviting friends: If you choose to invite your friends, we will provide you a list of your Facebook friends that you can choose to use.
  3. Giving impact: When you volunteer at an event you have the option to post that to your Facebook timeline.
  4. Registering for events: When you register for an event you may choose to share this event's information with your friends.
  5. GivePulse Friends: Within GivePulse you can follow your friends to see what they are doing. We will show you which of your Facebook friends are also using GivePulse.

GivePulse Mobile & Facebook Authentication (Login Issues)? : 

  • According to spec, we are suggested to develop Facebook integration as a module inside your iOS device. So in the case you have difficulty logging into GivePulse via Facebook, you may do the following: 
  1. Go to iPhone Settings
  2. Scroll down to the "Facebook" section (right after Game Center), tap into it (this assumes you have Facebook downloaded).
  3. Input your Screen Name and password
  4. Sign in 
  5. Close GivePulse
  6. You should be good to go! 
  7. If not, please contact us here support@givepulse.com

NOTE: We never post to Facebook without your explicit permission.

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