Advanced Reporting - Engine

Advanced reporting allows an admin to view all the various tables (modules) of data collected and to create, generate and run specific reports with unique filters and groupings with other data sets. 

To have all the full capabilities of the Advanced Reporting you must be a platinum account holder. To activate this, please contact our


Step 1: Creating the Report 

To begin the advanced reporting capabilities, you must create a report. 




Step 2: Inputting the filters, fields and data to run the reports

There are many modules, filters and fields for you to select from. To run the reports, review all the possibilities. You may always update these selections at a later time. 

Below is an example of the data you can select into your report - User's module and the data that's connected to it, e.g., Impacts (hours and reflections) and registrations a user has done. 

For first time users, please work with our on-boarding or support staff to give you an intro to the reporting engine. 



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