Public Event Submissions

Many cities, parks, clubs, centers etc., need to empower their members, advocates, leaders and constituents to submit event and project ideas to work on. Without the proper administrative abilities, they will not be able to do this without being an administrator or event management. 

To bypass this, and enable everyone (public) to submit an event without needing to be granted access as an administrator, there is an overall setting applied to a group where you may allow anyone to submit unpublished events for the administrator to approve and publish.

This is a feature an admin may turn on. It is located in the Group Settings by going to "edit" the group and navigating to the "Settings" section. To activate this, you may select "Yes". 

Once this is turned on, a button on the group page will allow anyone to submit events. You  may also copy and paste this URL to share with specific individuals. 

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