Deleting Impacts

There are instances when your members may have added impacts accidentally or you may not want them added to your portal. In the case this happens, there is a way to remove them. 

There are 2 key ways to remove impacts: 

  • Unlinking: severs the connection between the impact from your group/network, and the impact is not listed under any of your groups nor does it count towards any of your numbers.
  • Deleting: enables impacts created by administrators to be permanently delete. Note, you may only delete impacts you have created or belong to you. You can not delete random impacts.

Check out the below as an example:

Unlinking -

The administrator is currently overseeing There are individuals who have volunteered with Keep Austin Fed and "shared" their impact with The first row shows someone has contributed 1 hour to Keep Austin Fed and informed 

If wanted to remove the impact from it's numbers they will have to unlink. Note: Since does not "own" the impact, the only option is for them to "Unlink/Remove" the impact as shown below.

Deleting -

The administrator is currently overseeing For some reason or another, you the administrator spent the time to add impacts for all these individuals for The third row below shows a record of the administrator adding the impact for someone with a total of 4 hours to Since the administrator created this themselves, they have the ability to permanently delete the impact.


For any further questions about deleting impacts or verifying them, please feel free to reach out to

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