Create or Duplicate Class or Course

Note: GivePulse provide integrations with many ERP and Information systems like Banner, PeopleSoft, Jenzabar, Datatel, Colleague et al., With these integrations, the whole process of creating and managing the roster of the class is completely streamlined. The below are steps informing those schools without integration on how to manage courses or to capture courses that are not necessarily set up via your school's registrar.


There are many instances where you have a course which happens year to year, semester to semester or just enough that you don't want to spend the time to recreate it.

As an admin of the course or class, you have the ability to duplicate it so that all the content and description will transfer over. Even more important, in the case the course had community partners and events already tied to it, you do have the opportunity to carry this over.

Note: The Semester and Year are the most important fields you must input so that they are placed in the right buckets for your reporting purposes.

In order to duplicate a class, you must either be the faculty admin or the staff administrator. If you have the admin role, you will be able to navigate into the class and on the admin navigation, select "Network" -> Duplicate Class. 





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