Liability, Memorandum of Understanding, Waivers etc.,

Many groups and organizations have liability forms and waivers that need to be read and reviewed before someone is able to participate. e.g., If you have a photo release waiver and other liability forms you need your volunteers to agree to before they can volunteer, you may upload this into GivePulse and require the volunteer to agree they have read and understand it.

To set this up, you would have to leverage our documents storage. This will enable you to upload any # of documents to:

  • apply these to a specific custom field or survey
  • apply it as a required document to agree to when registering to an event,  
  • have it as a required document to agree to before joining a group

NOTE: In the instance where you have parent's signing up on behalf of their children, or a group leader signing up for multiple people through the group registration, we recommend you include documentation and liability forms that include this language. Let us know if you have any questions about this and we can share examples of how many of our community partners take this into account.



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