Uploading of Documents

There are many instances where you may want your users to upload documents. e.g., if a student has to fill out a pdf and submit it for your collection, if there are some required documents needing signatures, etc.,  GivePulse enables you to customize what fields to create so that you may request uploading of documents upon registration to an event, creation of an impact, applying to be a member, or filling out a survey.

Custom Fields: Custom Fields is a way for you to embed unique fields throughout the platform to gather information on your users. 

Of all the various field types you may create, for uploading of documents you must select the "Document Upload Field". 


or via the drag and drop workflow:



By selecting this type and creating the field, you may now request users to upload a max file size of 5 MB. Files of type pdf, jpg, png, tiff, gif, csv, xls, xlsx, txt, rdf, odf, doc and docx are allowed.

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