Changing Administrators, Managers, Organizers

This specific article is focused on enabling you to change, add, or update your list of administrators. This is very similar to changing administrators for an event.

For Groups:

All administrators have the ability to "Manage Users" and "Manage Memberships".

Important Note: There are 2 distinct administrators. There is a primary organizer who is the one selected to be on the "face" of the group, and then there are "behind" the scenes administrators who are not the "face". If the current administrator you wanted to change or remove is the "face" of the group, you would need to "Edit" the group setting and to select another individual to be the administrator. Doing this will allow you to remove their "administrative" abilities on the Manage Users. 

Who is on the administrators list: You, if you are able to see the edit group page, GivePulse Support, and any administrator in your network (or group).

Note: If the user doesn't exist, you can navigate to the "Create User" path and input the new name, email and role (administrator or primary administrator) and this will automatically make this new user the main organizer.

In addition, if you navigate to the Manage Memberships page you may review all the users and their roles (admin, member etc.,) in your group. There is a column (role) where you may select and filter who has administrative capabilities. Then there is an "Actions" column on the far right, select the dropdown and see the actions. 

The below are two different options shown when there is a user you may want to "add" abilities, or remove them. 

Primary Organizer: If you want to set the organizer "face" of the group, as mentioned above, setting a user as "Administrator" in the Manage Users will still require you to "Edit Group" and select a member to be the face.

For Events: 

When editing Events, when selecting who the primary organizer is for an event, the list of administrators include all administrators, the user who created the event + all network admins + all network event managers + all members of the group + all admins of the event.

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