Closing Registration on a certain date, Waitlisting

There are instances when you want to cap a specific number of people to attend an event, enable waitlisting of individuals when the number hits a threshold or let an event remain open until the event ends.

Number of Registrants: By default, when selecting the size of individuals you want to attend, once it hits the cap, the registration automatically opens up for those who want to be on the waitlist. Nobody else will be "registered" unless people originally confirmed cancel/drop out, or if the admin decides to update the cap # to something higher. The input for the number of registrants is determined at the beginning of the event creation process.

Waitlisting: Moving forward, all events will by default have waitlisting capabilities. e.g., when an event is full, all people who attempt to register will be added to the waitlist. All people placed in the waitlist are in a queue, so whoever joins the waitlist first, will be the person who gets to be added as a potential registrant when someone who was originally confirmed drops out. There are additional settings to customize this further to provide flexibility for the admin and the registrants signing up to be on the waitlist. In the case you are interested, please feel free to reach out to us.

Registration Close date: You can optionally set a close date where users will not be able to register for the event after this date. This will block people for being waitlisted too. This can be accomplished by navigating to "Edit Event", and in the "registration" section you will be able to see an option to update "Registration Close Date".

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