Register on behalf of a group

There are many instances when you may want to register as an individual or a group, and inform the company, team, group or organization about your registration.

A few popular examples are: 

  • I'm a student and a member of club, my club admin sent me a URL to the event and wants to make sure we sign up as a member of the club. In order to enable my admin know I've registered, I would have to register on behalf of the club.
  • I'm a representative of a company and I want to know who from my company is registered. When people register to an event, and they select my company's name, I as the representative (organizer of the company) will be able to get notified of their registration and if they attended and made an impact, I will be able to informed. 

Note: The admin of the event you are registering may turn this setting off. In the case this is turned on (default), the benefits provide transparency for organizers and enable volunteers to affiliate themselves with you upon registering. 


No: This is if you don't want to affiliate yourself with another group 

Yes - Select from my groups: If you are a member of the group or class, you may select them here.

Yes - Browse groups: If you are searching for groups that currently exist in GivePulse.

Yes - Create new group on GivePulse: If your company, group, club or organization is not on GivePulse, but you want to use GivePulse to help you oversee the registration, impact and communication, you may create an account.

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