Custom Field Types

When creating a new survey, requesting users to fill out some basic information upon registration, or adding impacts into the system, etc., you would have to select from the basic canned fields we generated or you may create new ones as shown below: 

Note: When creating a survey, requesting fields for events and other objects, the interface is a drag and drop experience where you get to select the fields you want to display and customize. 

When selecting the field type, you are able to select from the following types: 


Below is further description of each of the different types available - 

Agreement Checkbox: Provides text which will require the person from agreeing to it.

Checkbox Field: Provides a checkbox along with text for a user to select it.

Multiple Fields: Displays multiple fields for the user to select one from. 

Date Field: Displays a calendar widget to allow someone to select the Date. 

Decimal Field: An input field that only accepts decimal values.

Document Agreement Field: Enables you to upload an agreement and for the user to agree and read the document.

Document Upload Field: Enables you to require users to upload a document upon submission.

Dropdown Field: Allows you to have fields for someone to select from in a dropdown.

Radiolist Field: Allows you to have fields displayed in a radio list for someone to select from.

Integer Field: An input field that only accepts integer values. 

Multi-select Field: Allows you to have multiple choices for someone to select more than one field. 

Text Field: An input field accepting only text. 

Textarea Field: An input field accepting only text and is generally used for larger inputs of text. 

Timeslot Approval Email List: A process to enable certain individuals to be notified of one's registration on a Timeslot event. 

Section Header: Helpful to provide sections on a custom form or a survey. 


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