Hierarchy Management - Moving Subgroups to another parent node

There are many instances where you build out a hierarchy of subgroups. In the case there are different levels or the subgroups are nested in, you will want abilities to move one subgroup to another location within the hierarchy. e.g., If you had a student club in the Student Affairs Parent group, and over time, this student club was better suited to be under Academic Affairs parent group, you now have the ability to move the student club from Student Affairs to Academic Affairs. Note: the impact data, memberships, registrations, events etc., are all migrated over too. 

To access this ability, you must be an admin of the hierarchy. There ability to move one subgroup to another is in the Manage Subgroups page. Here, you'll see a list of all the groups in your hierarchy. You'll then be able to select a specific subgroup and for that specific subgroup, by able to move this to another parent group.


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