Custom Fields - Fill out everytime vs. saved response (now Answer Type)

When creating a survey or adding custom fields in GivePulse, you have the option to add a field and request users to fill this field every single time, or fill it out once to be saved for the future (you can define this by selecting the Answer Type). 

Originally it was "Fill out Everytime", now it is replaced with Answer Type: 

The options are to allow individuals who respond to this custom field to fill this out once and continue to update the existing field or update it multiple times b/c the response changes and fluctuates, and you as an administrator may want to see an audit or trail of answers as the users response over time.

e.g., Single: If you create a form and request a user to answer an input to be saved into their profile, by setting it as "Single", every single time they are presented the form, the default will be to save the response so that way every single time they are presented the same form with this field, the user will not need to fill out their name again and again. It is saved for retrieval. In addition, they may navigate to their "account" and select "Requested Data" to see all fields you as an admin is requesting:

e.g., Many: If you create a form and request a user to fill out their feelings, by setting it as "Many", they will have to fill out their feelings again and again. We recommend not create custom fields with the type "Many" when it should be considered unique "Single" per user or for profile fields. A better usage of this ability is to gauge user sentiment which can fluctuate from time to time, e.g., a custom field with the question "how was the experience?" is a great example. 


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