How to enable Points and update settings

In order to turn on points, you will have to navigate to the "Points" area, select settings and in the settings page enabe Points. Once it's turned on, the below options are displayed. You can set specific points for a specific "hour" requirement, for a meeting, for a no show, $ donation or $ fundraised and captured in the system.

No - Show Points: If you are a group with unique point management and would like to subtract points when an individual does not show up to an event or opportunity, this is where you can set this up. e.g, if the no-show points = -1, every single time an individual did not show up they would get a -1. 

Calculate No Show Points per Hour: There are instances where you would like to subtract points based on the number of hours the event is. If this is enabled for an event that is 5 hours long, and the individual did not show up, based on the "No-Show Points", our system will automatically multiply this with the duration of the hours. e.g., 5 hours x -1points = -5 points.  


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