Cloning: Event Templates

Event Templates allows you to create a clone of an event, update it in mass in one place via the template, but allow the different administrators who oversee the clone to only see data (impacts, registrations, and the mix) relevant to their group (or class and program). The administrator overseeing the template is the individual(s) who has the ability to update the details of the template for all clones. 

Note: This is not the same as duplication of an event. Cloning creates a template where all clones will be directly connected to the template. 

How cloning can help: 

Scenario 1: For Service Learning, when you work with community partners and they have a specific activity (event) or opportunity for people to signup to, you can create a "template" of the event and place these clones into multiple classes. 

Scenario 2: For Service Day, when you are a group leader and you want to have your own group have their own event to oversee for registration and a unique url related only to your group, the administrator of the template get create one specific for your event.

To start the Event Template Process you can go to: 


The process of creating the template is the same process as creating an event. Once complete, you may "clone an template" to other groups you are an administrator of. 

Now you have the ability to clone a template and ensure the registrations and impacts are tied to each clone but the data rolls up inside the template.

Note: When working with event templates, there are many management capabilities that come with overseeing these. to see what additional capabilities exist, you can go here:

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