Can I remove my group page or listing on GivePulse?

GivePulse crowdsources and publishes listing information so that consumers can share their volunteer experiences because the information is typically a matter of public record and public concern. Therefore we don’t remove such information from the site.
While we understand that some organizations, businesses and nonprofits who use volunteers might prefer to keep a low profile, it’s important (and a legal right) for consumers to be able to find and share helpful information about great experiences.
If you need to update or change the information on your page the current primary organizer or other administrators of the page can make modifications. If you need to update the primary organizer contact us at [email protected] for assistance.
If the group page is unclaimed, click on the Claim this account button in the upper right-hand corner to claim the account and begin managing the page. 
If an organization seizes to exist please notify [email protected] so that we can remove the listing.
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