Custom Fields for Subgroups (Group Submissions, Tracking data on your subgroups)

When you have Subgroups (Child Nodes, Clubs, Departments, Programs, Initiative etc.,) in which you would like to enable others to submit to join your network, or for you the administrator to break out your organization into multiple subgroups of nodes, where each node will have it's own abilities to manage its own events, memberships, impacts and data, leveraging CID will let you coordinate all your initiatives, grants and programs and clubs in one place.

In order to activate this, navigate to "Customize", select "Subgroups" as shown below.

Group Submissions: enables you to let a groups to join your network. In the case it is enabled you have the ability to customize the questions necessary for them to fill out before. 

Administrative fields (a platinum option) enables you to customize fields to collect about your subgroups beyond the basic fields we have as a default.

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