Tagging allows you to create a set of tags for users, events, impacts or documents within the GivePulse system. In the instance you needed to tag a specific document, and run a search on this specific document, you can do that. You can also tag individual users, impacts or events with in the platform in a similar manner. You can expose the tag column in from the Configure Layout menu in each of these core areas. 

To set up Tagging, you must navigate to Resources -> Tags, and add tags for the system. This will then allow you to tag any specific object with that tag for searching and reporting abilities.

 Once the tags are created, if you navigate to e.g., the Documents section, every single time you add a document you have the opportunity of defining the tag associated with the document as shown: 

Here is an example of tagging an impact, first select the user/s impact or impacts >>> Bulk Actions >>> Tag Records:


Next select the tag you wish to apply and click Tag:


To Untag a Record:

1) Select the user, event, impact, etc 

2) Click on Bulk Actions

3) Click Tag Record

4) Select the Tag you wish to Untag

5) Click button Untag


For information in regards to other forms of tagging, review Quick Notes or Labeling here: https://support.givepulse.com/hc/en-us/articles/206198718-Labeling-

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