Survey Management Capabilities

With GivePulse's capabilities to generate surveys and assess event or service learning opportunities, there are many instances where you need one place to manage, edit and update the details and interactions of the survey.

For each survey or assessment you use on GivePulse, you have the following capabilities: 


1) Survey Details: Describes all the details related to the survey.

2) Edit Survey: You are able to update and edit the details of the survey.

3) Duplicate: If you created a template and want to duplicate this without necessarily recreating all the fields and layout, you can just duplicate this. 

4) Delete Survey: Remove and delete the survey. Note: if the survey has existing data associated with it, all data will be removed and you will not be able to access it further. 

5) Message Respondents: Allows you to immediately communicate and do further outreach to individuals who have filled out the survey. 

6) Export Responses: Allows you to extract the data out for your own review and consumption.


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