Recent Updates as of March 14, 2018

GivePulse serves as a platform for many different types of groups. Majority of the interactions involve signing up and registering to different various events and opportunities supplied by community partners in different cities and states. In this article, we want to inform you about some updates to the registration workflow we believe will help clarify the workflows, improve signup numbers and also managing the events in a dashboard:

  • Registration Steps: Depending on what liability waivers you include, what custom fields you are asking the user or what settings you choose, e.g., group registration or guest registration, the workflows can be as simple as 1 step (super easy) or potentially 2-3 steps (potentially harder)!
  • Events Dashboard: For event managers, the event has a lot of capabilities from adding new attendees (registrants), removing them, updating the event or event more complex actions. After further review and learning from our users, we identified there needed a single location to allow event admins in one single stop have access to all the controls and actions for them to see the status of their event.


We'll also throw in a nugget here... as many admins and users know, related to registration, GivePulse has capabilities to allow an administrator to create a survey or append questions to their events. We originally had the below... but we sneaked in an additional one... 

  • Likert - with the likert ability, you are able to define questions where you can gauge a user's sentiment, interest to a specific topic or just gather additional details in regards to how they feel or think within defined ranges you control. e.g., From a scale of 1-10, how was your day? 

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