Recent Updates as of May 10th, 2018

March & April have been an exciting time for us. We introduced many enhancement and improvements throughout the site and for various partners we work with. In this segment, probably the most exciting are the following highlights: 

Applying your Logo onto Service Transcripts: For platinum clients, when generating service transcripts, the administrator overseeing the platform has the ability to set up a unique look and feel so that the transcript has the institution or organization's logo and branding. In addition, end-users, like students and volunteers will also see this look and feel applied to their transcripts too. To activate this, you can navigate to the "whitelabel" section via Customize and select the "impact summary/transcripts" tab as shown below:


Exposing Labels/Tags/Pathways related service experiences: Within GivePulse are tagging capabilities. Many organizations and institutions leverage this tagging ability as a way to tag specific experiences and activity related to a pathway or tag. To provide transparency for both the student/end user and administrator to see what the status is for an individual on a specific "tag" or pathway, we have settings to allow you to activate so this functionality is exposed. The benefits for this: 

  • Exposes a way for students to see where they are related to a pathway/tag and to run reports for their own review
  • Allows administrators to run reports on a student's progress or the aggregate of all students specific to a pathway/tag.


Google App Login: Since our founding, we had email and facebook as the default login options. Moving forward, google will also be another option. For institutions, businesses and organizations that have Single Sign On, this will just automatically be tacked on for your users to leverage in addition to other options. For individuals with multiple "Gmail" accounts, you can now select from your various accounts to login to the platform.

Timeslot Updates: Originally, timeslots was a "type of event" in which you had to select it over a "volunteer opportunity" or "fundraiser". Moving forward, timeslots is a setting in which you can turn on just like shifts. The benefit of doing this allows us to also bring up the critical options necessary to complete the set up of a Timeslot opportunity (e.g., slot duration, number of people per slot, number of people per day etc.,). 

API Updates: For all partners, integrators and developers, we have now updated our API to include even further documentation and possibilities to access and leverage your GivePulse database. The current API will be powering our partner integrations, mobile experiences and many other enhancements and functionalities. At a highlevel, the API now includes many settings and options to potentially replicate the business logic on the site. 

  • Better online documentation
  • Improved performance 
  • Including many business logic and granular calls 


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