Recent Updates as of June 20th, 2018


Below are some highlights: 


SDGs (Sustainability Development Goals) 

We have been working with UN entities and advisors to determine how to align the work we are doing with the SDGs. As you will notice, there will be an emphasis on this work as we provide further SDG footprint throughout the GivePulse platform for tracking, reporting and management purposes. 


Adding & Editing Causes

Under the platinum subscription, there are abilities to edit, update or create new causes that align towards your mission. By default there are around 80+ that you can deactivate or activate. For specific causes that are not seen, feel free to add new ones for reporting or tracking purposes. 

Timeslot - Adding Groups Reservations

Timeslots are normally created as a way to provide an interactive calendar for individuals to define their own timeframe to volunteer and help out. Many groups and institutions use timeslots to manage ongoing volunteers and attendees who stay for an extended period of time weekly or monthly. There are however, instances where you need a way to track large groups too. To support this effort, we have added our group registration/reservation capabilities to enable a large group of people to interact and register themselves in a timeslot. 

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