Recent Updates as of July 20th, 2018

Timeslots: Volunteers and Registrants can setup reoccurring registration in one instance

When a timeslot event is created, there are normally timeframes set for each day for volunteers and registrants to self-select when they want to come in. e.g., if I want to volunteer every monday, wednesday and friday, I would have had to register myself monday, wednesday and friday separately. Often times, ongoing volunteers that have a set schedule would then have to do this 3 times every week. Now moving forward, with our new update, we are enabling volunteers and registrants to set their reoccurring registrations in advance. 


Shift Organizer

All events moving forward now have abilities to set shift organizers. So in addition to event managers, you can set people as "Shift Organizers" will have the ability to oversee and edit their own shift, message people and add people to it. Screen_Shot_2018-07-31_at_12.19.26_AM.png


Placing someone automatically into a subgroup

There are instances where those groups with a large network, they want people to be a member of a subset of subgroups. So if you were a university, and you are also the center who oversees the subscription with GivePulse, you want to make the student a member of the University and automatically also the subgroup you define. This setting can be found in the Customize -> Users -> Set Subgroups section. 


Limiting the number of events to add impacts

If you want to limit the number of events individuals can see when adding their impacts, you can modify this in the Customize -> Impacts section. 


Ticketing custom fields per ticket

When setting up events to sell tickets through GivePulse, originally, you only had abilities to customize custom fields for the order and the ticket. Now moving forward, if the admin wants to customize unique questions per ticket, they can no do so. Therefore, if there are 3 different types of tickets, the administrator can now set up custom fields for the order and also for specific tickets. 

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