Manage Users

As an administrator of a group, GivePulse provides a CRM for you to manage user records and their roles in your organization.

Your group may consist of various people in which you want to organize their first name, emergency contact info and email. Instead of storing it in a document, you have a one stop shop to manage, search and report contact info, interactions, and engagement of your user records. 

On the "Manage Users" page, you will notice columns of data, each enabling you to either click and sort, dropdown select and filter, or type in search. These abilities will help narrow your reporting and search criteria so you may apply some actions. 

Actions: This will give you a set of actions to do the following: 

  • Message Users
  • Export the data
  • Create new user

Configure Layout: In the case that the default columns shown do not display want you are interested in, you may configure the layout. Select the "configure layout" link so you may choose additional variables to display or change the ordering of how they are displayed. When you select or deselect the new fields, you may also drag and drop the fields to reorder them how you may link. Press Save and you are well on your way to change the layout of the table.


Note (as of Aug 1st, 2016): Certain actions within the Manage Users portal described in the video have been moved into "Manage Memberships". For further questions or comments, please feel free to contact


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