Post an event, project or opportunity

To create an event, post a project, or list an opportunity, you will need to first create a group to manage the events. The best way to do this is to navigate to "List for Free" or 

When a group is created, navigate to "manage" your group. On the available actions, you should be able to see a link for "Events". 

On the "Events" section, you will notice an option to "Create event." Selecting this will guide you through a process to fill out the required fields. To immediately create an event, you will need to enter the following:

  • Name of the event
  • Type, is it a single day, multi-day, recurring, random dates kind of event throughout the year, or an open opportunity with no defined times? Note: depending on the type you select, shifts may or may not be applied to it.
  • Privacy Settings: If you decided to make the event private, there is a settings section that will allow you to make that happen. Note, there are various different levels of privacy. 
  • Participants needed is the amount of people you believe will be needed. If you have an unlimited number, set it as "-1." 
  • Admin, the choices available include members and existing admins in your group.
  • Description, don't copy and paste from something else. If you have the opportunity to spend some time modifying the content and making it short, concise and enticing, this will drive more interest from people.

After going through all of the above required fields, you will have the option to go into the advanced sections. 

Note: Depending on your selections, if you chose "Timeslots" or decided to include "Shifts" in your events, there will be additional required fields for you to fill out.

Afterwards, the event is placed into draft mode and you have the option to "Publish". 

Registration - Group Registration: If you wanted to enable large groups to register themselves in bulk you may turn this on.

Registration - Collecting Data: If you wanted to collect specific data about your registrants before they attend the event, you may select the default canned fields provided or you may create your own custom fields. Usually, information like T-Shirt size, phone number and emergency contact information is important to know before attending the event. Additional information you may also want to request is "How did you find out about this event?", "What do you know about at-risk children?" etc.,

Registration - Registration Approval: If you wanted to approve each individual when they register, this will allow you to control who is able to register. 

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