Volunteer CRM

Volunteer CRM tracks data about your volunteers, including documents, images, forms and surveys they may have filled out for you. This coincides with the Manage Users article that explains the abilities to manage, search, sort and filter user records based on engagement, name or date they joined.

In addition, you may add notes, tags, labels and additional information for easy retrieval and communication. The more you leverage the system, the better the reporting and exporting capabilities. 

All admins are able to holistically view the data and engagement of any volunteer as a user record in the Volunteer CRM:

  • Basic information consolidates (Basic, Emergency, Medical, Education, Custom Fields, and background check)

    GivePulse - CRM profile data and information about a user 
  • Notes: Input notes, additional information about the user that you may want to keep track of for future reference.
  • Documents: Upload scanned files, images or additional documents that may be important for the user. A great example would be their agreements and paper waivers that you may want to digitize and store in the cloud.
  • Impacts: Review all the service hours, reflections and feedback of your volunteer. Respond back to them and add your input to reengage and build up morale.
  • Registrations: Review all event registrations and determine attendance and see which ones they prefer or which ones they tend to have low turnout.


Note: You'll also notice there are interactive graphs updating in real time showing the engagement level of the volunteer as shown below.



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